Photo: Vilija Grauzinyte


Lisa Josefsson, dance teacher and performer, believes that dancing is that moment when there is nothing else but your body, the rhythm and the dancers around you.

Dancing in its original form is an expression of an emotion rather than something created for the stage. Lisa works with different dance forms such as traditional African dances, Blues and Swing, where dancing is a short cut to feeling free. 

Lisa teaches and performs in Stockholm where she lives and has a performance group called Kuvumbana together with the musician Celso Paco focused on Southern African traditional dancing. Lisa teaches internationally regurlarly and has taught at international Lindy Hop and Blues festivals across the world in countries like Mozambique, South Africa, Spain, Greece and Brazil. 

Lisa lived and worked in Mozambique for three years starting up the still existing Lindy Hop scene in Maputo and feels great respect to her dance company Hodi Maputo Afro Swing in Mozambique who are always present through her when she dances. Together they organise the dance event Mozambique Afro Swing Exchange, see:

Photo: Kirsten Haarmann/ Kh-fotografie